Top reasons why students fail in CA/CS exams and remedy


REASON 1-Carelessness towards carrer REMEDY-Be serious.else you will fell guilty throughout yur life even if you do smthng good elsewhere. REASON 2-Engaged in other activities during prepration (ie; marriage, birthday,familyget together,poojas) REMEDY-All these events can be complited without you REASON 3-Late start of study(want to become a ca just by study 2-3 months? Not possibile)[exceptin excluded] REMEDY-Start your study from the day you registred yourself with the will be losing 1 marks every day if you dnt study from day 1 (what other important work do you have in hand) REASON 4-No proper planning n time allocatin for each subject REMEDY-Just dnt take the text book n start reading from the first chapter.plan yur subject yur intrest,have an overall fell of the book, chapters and their importance.dnt leave any chapter in option. REASON 5-Ignors study materails, suggested nd RTP. REMEDY-Study materials is bible first read this n then if required any refrence book, particulary theory subject.suggested r very much helpful in understanding the way institute ask a que. Nd expect us to answare. REASON 6-casual reading REMEDY- While reading one should not be casual in approach try to distinguish between similar concept and be clear!!

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