Few last minutes for CA students

Few students asked for the tips so
for the benefit of all I am posting
Though nothing is sufficient for
CA exams, still I am sharing my
views with some Do's and Don'ts.
1. Always write answers in points.
Examiner won't even read the
answers which are not written in
points (which should have been
2. Write your answers in law
language as far as possible esp in
accounts, law, audit, and taxation
3. Presentation matters the most.
Make sure you give proper and
sufficient working notes. Here you
need to play wisely to save time.
In few cases, my working notes
were lengthier than the solution.
4. All assumptions are to be
disclosed properly.
5. Remember its test of your
pressure-handling capacity more
than knowledge testing. You'll see
wrong questions, very lengthy
papers, etc. Remember those 180
minutes matters the most. How
you spend every second in those
180 minutes decides your future.
6. Of course you can't afford to
stick to one question and solve it
till you get the correct answer. If
you're unable to solve, move
ahead. Come back again there at
last and fill up the blank space.
There are step marking for each
step. You're not sitting for 100
out of 100.
7. Though handwriting doesn't
matter, but neatness is always
8. Choice of question is very
important. Don't decide the
question to be left out on the
basis of 'head chapter name', but
on the basis of marks that it'll
9. Keep a target of 30 mins per
question in the beginning. If you
are running out of time, rush and
reach the target at frequent
10. Attempt 100 marks. Don't
leave any question WHATSOEVER
THE CASE MAY BE. Write totally
unrelated answers, but do write!!
Even for wrong questions, you
need to attempt.
11. Applying general knowledge
and current affairs are always
welcome. It creates a good
12. Lastly for case studies, try to
write case name but DON'T IF
YOU AREN'T SURE. Same for the
section number.
Again I am reminding, way of
writing answer matters the most.
Language is more important than
the correctness of the answer. Our syllabus is so vast,
than a person's imagination
power..... But people have done
in the past, its happening now
and will continue to happen.
Don't worry, be confident and
stress-free. Do share this with
your friends and CA related
Good luck future CAs.

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