As the CA FINAL exams are today.. few tips for FINAL students..

1. Be calm dont learn anything kara bhot hai

2. Do not be tensed if u have left any remember u hav given your best efforts..b cool with wat u have done

3. Do carry your admit card along with calculator,2 pens of same colour.. and things which you need for the exam..✏✒

4. Take use of first 15 mins to the maximum.. first decide in wich question you are most confident.. solve that.. do not go serial wise if you cant do number 1 question first..

5. Do not panic if u see any question from left out topic.. do remember.. its not necessary to answer 100 of 100 marks question...but even 80 marks answers u give must b accurate.. so b confident and dont panic..

All I want to conclude u to..

Go to mandir or masjid or church before your exam.. not because its exam day n u have to show god that u hav come before exam.. go der n sit for 5 mins.. because after u leave that place.. ur mind will be peaceful. . U will b relaxed..

And a VERY MUST TIP take blessings from your parents..i dont think I need to tell u why..

And please dont discuss your paper..dat wil only give u worries.. jo jayega jaisa jayega jaane dena.. jaane wale ko koi nahi rok paya hai.. jo gaya.. woh gaya..bhool jana.. n think about coming paper..

All the very best to everyone having exam.. hope u do ur best in exam.. come along a smiling face 

Himanshu purohit

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