Important Chapters n Theory Questions For Cs Executive June 14 Exams CMA paper

Cost & Management Accounting PAPER 2 (New)
PAPER 2 (Old)
A indicates more important and C indicates
less important.
- Contract Costing.
- Marginal Costing.
- Process Costing.
- Joint and By Product.
- Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts.
- Standard Costing.
- Overheads
A - Budgeting Control.
- Direct Material.
- Operating Costing (Service Costing).
- General Principles (Theory).
- Overheads Theory.
- Integral and Non-Integral Accounts.
- Job and Batch Costing.
- Direct Labour & Direct Expenses.
Cost Accounting Important Questions
1. Basic Concepts
1. Write short notes on any two of the
(i) Conversion cost (ii) Sunk cost (iii)
Opportunity cost.
2. What is meant by cost centre?
3. What is difference between controllable &
uncontrollable cost?
4. What is difference between Explicit &
5. What are the main objectives of Cost
6. Discuss the four different methods of
7. What is difference between Marginal &
Differential costing?
8. What is meant by Profit centre?
9. What is meant by Cost Driver?
10. What are items need to be excluded from
cost records?
11. What are Product & Period costs?
12. What are Avoidable & Unavoidable cost?
13. What are methods of costing?
14. What are techniques of costing?
15. What is ABC costing?
2. Material
1. What is difference between Bin Card and
Store Ledger?
2. Explain the concept of "ABC Analysis".
3. Describe perpetual inventory records and
continuous stock taking.
4. Treatment of shortage in stock taking.
5. What do you mean by Purchase Requisition
and Material Requisition?
6. What do you mean by Bill of Material?
7. What do you mean by Input-Output Ratio?
8. Discuss the accounting treatment of Scrap,
waste, defective and spoilage?
3. Labour
1. Discuss the three methods of calculating
labour turnover.
2. Discuss the accounting treatment of idle
and overtime wages.
3. Distinguish between Job evaluation and
4. What do you mean by time and motion
5. What is Casual and Outworker?
4. Overhead
1. What is Single (blanket) and Multiple
overhead rate?
2. Discuss the treatment of under absorbed
over absorbed factory overheads in cost
3. What is difference between Cost Allocation,
Cost Apportionment & Cost Absorption?
4. What are the classifications of overheads?
5. Other Topics
1. What are the reasons for disagreement of
profits as per cost accounts and financial
2. Distinguish between Job costing and Batch
3. Distinguish between Job costing and Process
4. Write a short note on Cost plus contracts.
5. Write a short note on Escalation clause.
6. Discuss the process of estimating profit/loss
in incomplete contracts.
7. Explain equivalent units.
8. Distinguish between Joint product and By-
9. Discuss the treatment of by-product cost in
cost accounts.
10. Distinguish between Cost Reduction and
Cost Control.
11. Difference between Standard Cost,
Cost and Absorption Costing.

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