Questions to revise before ipcc ehic law exams

Indian Contract Act : -
1. Case study based on ” Acceptance of Offer ” & ”
Bailment “.
2. Offer & rules for an offer.
3. Capacity to contract. IPCC Law
4. Circumstances under which doctrine of
Supervening Impossibility not applicable .
Payment Of Bonus Act , 1965
1. Who is liable to pay bouns?
2. Who is entitled to pay bonus?
3. Deduction that are allowed under the Third
4. What does available surplus mean ?
5. Minimum and Maximum Bonus payable
6. Set on and Off of allocable surplus
7. Deduction from the bonus payable IPCC Law
8. Bonus linked with production or productivity
9. Payment of Bonus by new establishment
10. Exemption from payment of Bonus IPCC Law
Payment of Gratuity Act 1972
1. Establishments covered under the act
2. Eligibility and payment of gratuity IPCC Law
3. When it is payable? To whom it is payable ? By
whom it is payable ?
4. Write about the Computation of Gratuity of
amount payable
5. Explain Continuous service IPCC Law
6. Write short notes on reduction & forfeiture of
The Employees Provident Fund &
Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952
1. Employees Provident Fund Scheme and its
salient Features
2. Employees Family Pension Scheme and its
salient features
3. Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme
4. Protect Against attachment of provident fund
5. Central Board of Trustees IPCC Law
6. Change of Employer –consequences
7. Authorization of certain employers to maintain
of a/ cNote :
Students are requested to also go through
Practical Questions from the Above acts
Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
1. Promissory Note
2. Bill of Exchange IPCC Law
3. Provisions relating to maturity o n days of
4. Cheque and its essential features
5. Crossing and different types of crossing
6. Conditions of Holder IPCC Law
7. Holder in due course and privileges available
to him
8. Holder Vs. Holder in due course
9. Endorsement , essential features and types
10. Material Alteration IPCC Law
11. Instruments obtained by unlawful means
12. Presentment and different types of
13. Presentment for payment
14. Rules regarding notice of dishonor
15. What is stale cheque? IPCC Law
16. When banker refuses payment on his
customer’s cheque ?
17. Liability of banker for wrongful dishonor of a
18. Offences / bouncing of cheque

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