20 Hacks to Pass CA IPCC in 30 DaysOnly 30 Days are left to Pass CA IPCC exams. Students keep asking Tips and Tricks to Crack CA IPCC Exam in 20-30 days. It is true that 30 days is very less time to complete the CA IPCC Syllabus but it is not Impossible too. Just follow the below 20 Tips, so that by the end of 30th Day, you will gain enormous confidence in clearing CA IPCC Exam

20 Tips to Crack IPCC Exam

Below are the 30 Important Tips, Tricks and Hacks to clear CA IPCC exam.
1. Study Law, Costing and Accounts from Practice Manual.
2. Do May 2013 and Nov 2014 Questions papers.
3. Ethics and Communication Topics from Law Paper must be studied well. by-heart the side headings from Practice Manual. Here we provided Law Imp Topics and Preparation Tips.
4. Learn any 25 Section Numbers in Income Tax part.
5. Study Accounts syllabus in this order.
6. Open ICAI Study Material. In Each Auditing Standard, there will be an Introductory paragraph. by-heart this first para for all the Standards.
7. Learn Strategic Management through Google. When ever you open a new topic, google that term and you will get 10s of free examples. SM is all bout writing examples. IT SM Short Notes Available.
8. Study Accounting Standards from DS Rawat Book. Each Accounting Standard must be revised at least 5 times by the time the exam day comes.
9. Do Average Due Date and Account Current on Exam day. No need to practice them now.
10. When ever you see a difficult adjustment while solving Accounts or costing Problems, record them in your phone. Every night, when you lie down to sleep, keep listening all these recordings.
11. Learn Law Case Laws in Chapters like Meetings and MOA.
12. Don’t waste time on solving very difficult problems from Financial Management. Use that time to solve as many more problems that are medium in complexity.
13. Concentrate more on Costing Theory part. Important Costing Theory questions are given here.
14. Most of Indirect Tax questions will be directly asked from Practice Manual only. Put more stress on Service Tax and CCR topics. 
15. Don’t study entire IT in a week or so. Read two pages in Information Technology each day.
16. For Business Laws, presentation of answers is very important. Follow the book you got from your Coaching Institute. Practice Manual is not recommended for B.Law portion.
17. Study Practical Subjects early in the morning. Study subjects you hate after breakfast. If you are not sure about this, just follow this Study Plan.
18. Costing and FM should be solved on a book. Don’t just keep looking at the problems. DO THEM.
19. Only knowledge is not important. You should know how to present the answers in exam. CA Ranker has provided Presentation Tips Here.
20. Length of Answer is not important in exam. What matters is substance. Just write the exact provision in the act. No need to fill up the paper. Even a half page answer is sufficient to get you good marks in exams.


Follow these 20 Tips and utilise your time effectively. All the Very best for your exams.

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