CA CPT is your entry to esteemed Chartered Accountancy Course. So we must be cautious with our initial move towards ICAI's CA Course. In early days passing CA CPT is simple on the grounds that there was no necessity of minimum marks in every subject. However, now there is Minimum Pass Marks Requirement in every subject in CPT course.

So now passing CPT is a tad bit extreme than before yet taking after underneath given CA CPT breaking tips, you can pass CA CPT in first endeavor that too with 45 days arrangement. Here beneath we given CA CPT Preparation Tips, recommendations to pass CA CPT effortlessly.

When you enroll for CA CPT with ICAI, you will get 4 reading material (one for every subject) and 2 deride test books (30 demonstrate papers).
This ICAI material is your best wellspring of information for CA CPT exams. In the event that you finish every one of the inquiries given in 4 books and 30 demonstrate papers it is all that anyone could need, you needn't bother with any extra material.

Since you have to score no less than 30 for each section  in all subjects, recollect that you have to focus on all subjects so you can qualify the essentials marks for all subjects. This is a late change on the grounds that as of recently the tenets were generally speaking than subject insightful.

Accounts – Since you are showing up for a CA paper recollect that Accounting is the key. In the event that your fundamentals in records are clear, your odds of clearing the examination naturally rise. Ensure you hone the subject well and take in your hypothesis as well.

Commercial Law – Another essential prospect for CPT is the Mercantile Law. After records it is alluded to as most scoring subject. Once more, don't worry just serenely hone and take in the Contract Act too.

Financial matters – Although financial matters all in all is scoring and simple in contrast with different subjects and in this excessively attempt and finish Macro Economics first as it is all the more scoring.

Quantitative Aptitude – Although some get bothered in arithmetic and measurements however recall that not all points are the same. There are some less demanding than others thus attempt and finish the ones learnt amid your school terms. In measurements attempt and finish Differentiation and incorporation, Correlation and relapse and hypothetical circulation as these are essential.


On the off chance that you have a decent base of eleventh and twelfth standard, then CPT Accounts won't trouble you excessively. Simply adhere to the nuts and bolts on the grounds that most inquiries originate from the least complex focuses which once in a while are disregarded. Presently, Accounts is the primary subject for a C.A, so in the event that you need to do well at larger amounts of the course you ought to make your base from here onwards


This is another subject for the vast majority, so attempt to get the idea on the grounds that numerous inquiries in the exam won't be straightforwardly from the book

Small scale ECONOMICS

In the event that you are exhaustive with twelfth standard financial aspects, then you won't have any issue in microeconomics. You can remember the idea of charts and make your own answers.


Numerous understudies tend to leave these 50 stamps absolutely, in light of the fact that they frame a thought that they won't have the capacity to illuminate it from the underlying stage. Kindly don't do that, you will leave simple 20-30 marks. Fundamental thought of maths is imperative to be a C.A

In Maths and Statistics u can without much of a stretch get 20-30 marks coz numerous themes are simple. Only a sharp mind and essential information of tenth level maths will be adequate. You can leave the unpredictable things like analytics and arrangement, in the event that you are bad at maths, as you would just free 1 or 2 marks

Full scale ECONOMICS

Full scale part is finished hypothesis and u will need to learn it by one means or another. It is exhausting however 25 marks originate from that point. Learn just the lastest information accessible. In conclusion go for a scanner for all subjects.

Albeit some are of the sentiment that try not to endeavor the entire paper yet the rationale challenges this conviction. Endeavor questions you are certain off. Just later attempt your hand at the parts you are not certain about.

The more you practice the more things would bode well.

In like manner, the base imprints required in every area and in the total in all segments of CPT according to the reexamined passing prerequisites will be as under :

Least Passing Marks for CPT

Least Passing Marks for CPT

*A applicant is required to secure at least 30 for every penny checks in every Section and at least 50 for each penny stamps in total in all the four Sections to finish the Common Proficiency Test.

As such, it is cleared up that if a hopeful secures at least 50 for each penny checks in the total yet neglects to secure the base imprints required in any one or a greater amount of the segments A, B, C or D (as specified over), his outcome will be FAIL. Thus, if an applicant secures at least 30per penny stamps in every segment except neglects to secure 50 for each penny checks in the total of all sections,his result will be FAIL.

The accompanying table will advance delineate the amended passing necessities :-

Least Pass Marks for CPT

Note : 1.Marks secured are after negative stamping

2.There are negative imprints for wrong replies/various obscured answers for a question/s.

45 days CA CPT Preparation Time-table

Set up a calendar for 45 days before CA CPT Exam. Adhere to that calendar and make ponder arrangement that spreads how to set up all subjects in day by day hour premise and week by week premise. Above all study with arranging. Don't aimlessly contemplate anything. Make a framework and after that hold fast to it.


Initial phase in your planning is to begin comprehension and taking in the ideas. Begin taking subjects one by one after the time-table.

Presently what ought to be your strategy for concentrating on?

Initial a quick perusing of the section ought to be finished.. Typically one page ought not be given over 5 minutes

Second perusing ought to be slower, seeing every point plainly.

Once the perusing is done all inquiries given in the book ought to be endeavored. To begin with endeavor all inquiries without utilizing any answers and afterward check all inquiries toward the end

You ought to stamp your inquiries in an uncommon way..i.e. the inquiries which were right in the principal endeavor ought to be crossed and there is no compelling reason to endeavor these inquiries once more… all different inquiries which were off base ought to be done on next update and take after similar strides of intersection the right inquiries around then.


Update is a vital part to achieve accomplishment in any exam. You recall just 20% of what you read following 24 hours, so different fast amendments are extremely vital. See timetable for the recurrence of modifications required.


Practice is the most imperative piece of your readiness and ought to be given 100% core interest. When you have finished your first update, its opportunity to take deride test.. deride test help a great deal in setting you up for exam day furthermore highlight your frail zones.

Gather Study

Framing a study bunch helps in examining inquiries and showing signs of improvement comprehension of the subject. In the event that you have companions taking CA CPT exam then you can frame a study aggregate with them or else you join an online gathering for shaping a discourse Group.

Exam Day

You ought to be totally casual and rested for the end of the year test day. Presently, with regards to the exam lobby most would get anxious and do certain things which may get you stuck in an unfortunate situation, such as checking the answers with others, attempting to duplicate, and so forth. Try not to do those things, since it will cost you your future and the most essential thing-Please take all the required stationary.

Below are the topic wise WEIGHTAGE of exam topics based on past trend

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