Important topics for ca ipcc itsm

Chapter 7 - Bench Marking, e-commerce/ ERP,
Business Process Re- engineering, TQM & Traditional
Mgt. Practices, Rationale of BPR.
Chapter 6 - Diff. b/w Strategy Formulation &
Implementation, SBU, Matrix Structure, Network
Structure and Value Chain Analysis.
Chapter 5 - Penetration & Skimming Pricing,
Marketing Strategy Techniques, Implementing Supply
Chain Mgt. System.
Chapter 4 - Corporate Strategy Formualtion
implementation process, Various Grand Strategies,
Concentric & Congolemerate Diversification,
Turnaround Strategy.
Chapter 3 - GE Model, Ansoff's Matrix, Product Life
Cycle, Common Driving Forces and BCG.
Chapter 1 & 2 - Strategic levels in organization,
Mission & Vision, Objectives & goals, Task of Strategic
Mgt., Generic Strategic Alternatives, Definition of
Strategy, Porter's Five forces model, Kieretsus,
Manifestation of globaliztion.
IT :-
Do Flow Chart and Decision table in starting.
( Chapter 5 & 6 ). Just do all examples & questions of
study material and practice manual 60% chances
that question in exam will come out of it only. Both
theory and practical may be asked out of this chapter
so prepare well. Minimum 8 marks question will be
asked in exam.
Chapter 4 -
Short Notes : URL, Web Casting, Firewall, Wifi,
Bluetooth, EFT.
Long Ques. : Internet and its uses, Components of
Internet, Tools to protect Information against
Chapter 3 -
Short Notes : Data Center, Modem, Multiplexer,
Long Ques. : Types of internet servers, LAN
( Complete Topic ), Star & Mesh Networking,
Communication Interface Devices, TCP.
Chapter 2 -
Short Notes : Data Dictionary, DDL, Index Field, Data
warehouse, Mirror log, Online Backup, Real time Data
Long Ques. : Data Mining Process, Problems of file
processing system, Best file Organization, DBMS, Steps
of Data processing System.

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