How to achieve your goal of becoming chartered accountant(CA)

How to achieve goal?

To begin with, I can say that most people
actually don't even realize what they
truly need in their life inspite of having a
lot of goals. And this article is an attempt
to fix this problem.
Well while it may not be possible to get
everything, it is surely possible to get most
of them.You can do anything, but not
everything and there are many countless
things that you need to take care of in this
context. So I've listed out the top 3 things
(according to me) in this article.

1. Discipline:
Discipline is doing what you don’t want to
do when you don’t want
to do. The first thing you've to understand
for accomplishing most of the things, you
want is that you need maintain discipline
in your life. If you don’t have discipline,
you’ll only mess up with the things. And
most importantly, you should want to be
disciplined for the purpose of believing in
yourself, rather than pleasing others. Few
things that’ll help you in
this regard are listed

1. Laziness is the biggest obstacle for the
task of maintaining discipline in our
life. So in order to maintain discipline,
you need to first overcome your
laziness. I've a small tip for
dealing with laziness i.e., "drink cold
water when you feel lazy; the water
stimulates your brain,increasing the
want to move around and get things
2. Ask for help when you need. Many
people carry around an unwarranted
fear that it's wrong to ask for the help.
it's an unhealthy attitude toward life.
Well we are social beings and part of
our existence is about sharing and
helping one another. So go and ask for
help when you need it.
3. Set big dreams. To keep your mind
focused you need big, bold goals. The
bigger your purpose the less trouble you
will have to achieve what you have in
4. Divide the tasks into parts. At the outset
any task would appear tough. But the
secret is to divide the task into small
manageable chunks and if you deal
with those chunks, you’re done with
the task even before you know it.
5. And finally break the bad habits. After
all you do not want to delay your
success. So if you do have any bad
habits, know that you are stronger than
whatever it is.
2. Positive attitude:
Well attitude may not be everything; but it
affects everything. So here are few things
that help you to maintain positive attitude.

1. The presential requirement for
maintaining a positive attitude is to
accept yourself as you're no matter how
bad you think you're.
2. Pay more attention to your positives
i.e., strengths rather than ruining your
life by worrying on your weaknesses.
3. Don't take yourself too seriously. One
day we are all gonna die anyways. So
relax. But be sure to behave politely and
with a common sense in all situations.
4. Keep yourself neat and clean.
Cleanliness makes a huge difference on
how feel and it will make your
environment more pleasant for you.
5. Don't get jealous of other people. Just
remember that you've something special
about you too.
6. Keep yourself motivated, by reminding
yourself of your reasons to go on.
However, don't overdo it. It might then
get the things slow down.
7. And most importantly Love yourself. If
you love yourself, you'll love your life.
Live life to the fullest. Never ever take

anything or any one for granted.
3. Patience:
This is probably the most important if one
want to achieve anything. Because most
often things won't happen immediately.
You can't get what you want instantly.
But sadly, it's never easy to be patient. The
below given list might help you to gain
some patience.
1. Find out the reasons for your inability
to be patient. Generally, we tend to lose
our patience when we're multitasking
or when we're on a tight schedule, And
then see what best you can do to sort
out the same.
2. Give yourself a break. First, take a few
minutes to do absolutely nothing. Just
sit quietly and think. Don't watch
television; don't even read.Just do
nothing. That will help you to
slow your world down, and that's
important to develop the attitude
necessary to develop patience
3. Be present and focused on the task at
hand. You may think you have many
things to do today, but you have only
one thing to do, what is in front of you.
4. Force yourself to slow down. Make
yourself speak and move more slowly. It
will appear to others as if you're calm –
and, by "acting" patient, you can often
"feel" more patient.
5. Remember that if we want healthy
work relationships and a successful
career, then we need to spend time
making patience a habit.

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