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Mega Exemption List Easy Learn with Pics | Tax Notes |

Service Tax Mega Exemption List have been consolidated at one place for ease of reference. This Mega Exemption list is prepared in such a way that, it can be easily remembered. The various Mega exemptions provided by the notification are discussed here under

1. Services to United Nations, UNESCO, IMF

 2. Health care services


4. Religious ceremonies

4B: Pilgrimage

5. Legal services

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6 Recreational coaching or training

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7. Educational services

8. Skill development services

9. Sports services

9B. Sponsorship of sports events

10. Construction Services to Govt
11. Copyright Services
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12. Artist performance

13. Collecting or providing news

14. Accommodation Services
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15. Serving of Food or Beverages
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16. Transportation of specified goods, by road/rail/vessel

16B. Passenger transportation services

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17. Insurance business services

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18. Services provided by an incubatee

19. Service by an unincorporated body or a non- profit entity to its own members

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20. Govt Services like Health, Water

21. Services by Brokers, SIM Card Selling Agents

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22. Works like Polishing Diamonds, textile processing etc.

23.  Business Exhibition

24.  Slaughtering of Animals Service

25. Services from Non-Taxable Territory

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26. Public Libraries

29. Public Convenience Services

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30. Services by Govt Authority
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31. Warehousing of rice, cotton 

32. Services Received by RBI
33. Tour Operator Service to a Foreign Tourist outside India
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34. Services by operator of Common Effluent Treatment Plant

35. Services by way of pre-conditioning, pre-cooling, retail packing, labelling of fruits and vegetables

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 36. Admission to a museum, zoo, national park etc

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37. Exhibition of a Movie

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