It is found that some candidates while filling the examination application form (either online or physical ) do not exercise reasonable care and commit errors and seek change of Centre/Group/Medium, on account of errors committed by them in their examination application forms, after submission.
With a view to provide an opportunity to the candidates to correct such errors made by them while submitting their examination application forms, it has been decided to put in place an online facility to view and correct errors if any, committed by them while submitting the examination application form, in the fields of Centre/Group/Medium, (i.e. for seeking change of Centre/Group/Medium), with effect from May 2015 examinations.
The salient features of the facility are as follows:

• Manual applications seeking change of Centre/Group/Medium will not be entertained.

• The on-line window for seeking change of Centre/Group/Medium will made available at

• This online facility will be available to the candidates, in two separate sessions. The first opportunity (called “Correction Window”) will be free of cost and the second opportunity ( called “Corrections with fee-Window”) will be for a fee of Rs 1000/- .

• Candidates will be able to check the status of their request for change of Centre/Group/Medium from the above-mentioned website.

Detailed procedure and the norms governing this facility are hosted on
"Correction Window" is a platform in the exam form submission process, where candidates can view and correct errors, if any, committed by them while submitting the exam form, in the fields, Group Applied, Centre opted and Medium.
The terms and conditions in this regard are as follows:

1. This facility is available at, from 11.00 a.m. of 10.03.2015 to 5.30 p.m. of 16.03.2015.

2. This online facility will be available to the candidates who have submitted their examination application forms online as well as to those who submitted physical examination forms, i.e. OMR forms.

3. This window is not for fresh submission of exam forms and is meant only for correction of errors if any, in the exam forms already submitted.

4. Candidates can access the portal by entering the following details, as filled in by them in their exam application forms:

• Bar code number/control number printed on their exam form
• PIN ( i.e. the four digit number of their choice which they had filled in their exam forms) and
• Registration Number.

5. Following details, submitted by the candidates in their examination application form will be displayed on the screen.

  • Name of the candidate
  • Control Number / Bar code number number printed on their application form
  • Registration number and
  • Medium & centre opted

6. Candidates will be permitted to enter changes if any, in any of the following three fields only:

  • City opted.
  • Medium opted
  • Group opted

Candidates will also be permitted to change the Group opted, i.e., from single Group to both Groups and the Centre opted, i.e., from an Indian Centre to Overseas Centre and pay the differential examination fee online through the payment gateway, through this "Correction Window".

7. A change may include change of Group/Centre/Medium either jointly or severally. ONLY ONE ONLINE APPLICATION FOR A BARCODE / CONTROL NUMBER WILL BE ACCEPTED. PLEASE APPLY CAREFULLY.

8. Candidate will not be permitted to make any corrections/changes to any other field.

9. The requests should be made by the student and not by anyone on his/her behalf.

10. Once you click “No change required”, no corrections can be submitted thereafter. So also, corrections, once submitted, cannot be changed thereafter.

11. The facility will be available free of cost except for differential examination fee, if applicable.

12. The candidate should upload scanned copy of a handwritten application in this regard, duly signed by him, seeking the corrections required. Unless this condition is complied with, the candidate would not be able to submit corrections sought, online. The changes requested will be taken from what is applied thru the portal and not what is written in the scanned application.

13. Upon submission of the request, the candidate will get a Successful Submission confirmation on the screen. It is made clear here that successful submission of request does not mean that the request has been approved. In case the differential fee, if any, gets deducted from your account and you do not get a "Successful" transaction screen, the status of your application will not be considered successful and the same will not be processed by the office. The failed transactions will be credited back to your account within 45 days after the close of correction window. Click here to check the payment status

14. Admit cards will be issued based on the examination application form and the correction received till the Correction Window closes.

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